The birth of a youth brand

Inside India’s Most Successful Consumer Brand
Book Excerpt 

I.K. Amitha was horrified. He held the sample watch that his product manager, Kalpana Kar, was showing him: it was a colourful plastic affair, lightweight, with detachable straps and a dial which showed a design in three cube shapes of blue, red and yellow. Then he picked up a solid steel watch. ‘Look at this watch, Kalpana,’ Amitha said. ‘You can feel its weight. This is something you can pass on to your children. What’s this flimsy thing you are throwing in my face?’ As Titan’s senior vice president (the year was 1991, he passed away in 1999), and a man with a special interest in the manufacturing process, he was understandably perturbed. For him, a good watch was a family heirloom to be passed on from parents to children.

Kalpana laughs, remembering vividly how she argued with Amitha that this ‘flimsy thing’ would be a style statement for a . . .