Data gone rogue: An excerpt from “Balance - Responsible Business for the Digital Age”

Responsible Business for the Digital Age
Book Excerpt 

Ad tech conceals a dirty secret. It is increasingly personal and relies on tracking people. Re-targeting has been used by marketers to follow customers around. Small bits of code that were downloaded onto your computers and mobile phones enable companies to track customers, no matter which website they visit. This small code constantly aggregates data and serves up appropriate content, campaigns and banners to entice customers into buying whatever they are selling. If you visited a clothing website or clicked on a banner and were surprised that no matter where you go you get information about the same apparel company, you are being tracked. A constant reminder to finalise the purchase.

However, ad tech is also not the only culprit. Most online users have possibly never read the terms-of-use of any of the social platforms, and are entirely unaware of how much companies know about them and how far information . . .