How Lata Mangeshkar Became the Queen of Indian Concerts Abroad

On Stage with Lata
Book Excerpt 

One day some concert organizers came to my father and asked if they could hold a jalsa where my father Deenanath Mangeshkar, a celebrated classical singer, would perform. I was standing nearby and overheard the conversation. I said, ‘Baba, I want to sing too.’

‘What will you sing?’ he asked.

‘You taught me Raga Khambavati, so I’ll sing that, and a song from one of your plays.’

He looked at me somewhat taken aback – perhaps my confidence took him by surprise. I was only nine years old. My father thought it over for a few minutes and agreed that I could sing with him on the stage.

Later that day, I put on a white frock with tiny patterns on it, styled my hair in a wave across one side of my face, and started to head towards the main door of the house when my mother stopped me . . .