Book Excerpt: Prasoon Joshi's 'Thinking Aloud'

Thinking Aloud
Reflections of Emerging India
Book Excerpt 

John Lennon wouldn't have imagined that geophysical barriers would be dissolving thus. Products and brands today reach potential consumers the world over, instantaneously. Any metadata, anywhere, any time, or rather all the time. At least in context of media and communication tools, we live in the age of plenty. From ads to artificial intelligence (AI) and billboards to bots and from 360 degree to predictive advertising, communication is moving at a velocity and volume like never before.

Much of this is attributed to digital, propelled by the global Internet penetration which is touted to be in the 3 billion plus range i.e. nearly 50 per cent of the world's population. We are seeing the worlds of Internet, big data and AI converging and the lines between e-commerce and ad platforms blurring.

The opportunities and challenges of this new media have changed the paradigm-for the marketers, creators and consumers. What makes . . .