Book excerpt: 'The Relentless Moon' explores the challenges of lunar habitation

The Relentless Moon
A Lady Astronaut Novel
Book Excerpt 

Excerpt from Chapter 5


KANSAS CITY, March 29, 1963—(Reuters)—The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, made an appeal for nations to accept refugees from Panama. Prince Sadruddin said that 1,800 refugees had been accepted or were in the process of being accepted by twenty different countries. The majority of these refugees are Kuna, an indigenous people whose homelands in the Panama islands are flooding under rising sea levels.

The flight surgeon wanted me to go home. Can you imagine? Ha. As if one of the boys would do that after a little bump on the chin. I took the time to put on a clean shirt and headed to Clemons's office with all seven of my brand-new stitches. I held a clipboard in one hand because they fool people into thinking that you are serious and busy.

When . . .