Can an entire society be brainwashed into forgetting its virtues? Nayantara Sahgal’s novel finds out

The Fate Of Butterflies
Book Excerpt 

The house was in a crescent of private houses. Prabhakar was warmly greeted.

“I thought we should hear about the changes in Europe. It’s a time of critical changes, as it is here,” said the eminence, “so I’ve asked a few people who can enlighten us. Not officials or government representatives. They have to be careful what they say. These are men of influence whose opinions matter and are not afraid to speak out. There’s a film-maker and an art dealer, a jeweller and others as you will see.”

The doors of the spacious room opened outward to the verandah. A light rain sprinkled the garden and washed the dust off grass and trees. “Here we can relax and talk informally,” he continued, “From our side your contribution will be especially valuable. Your book has got to the heart of the question of change when you say that lasting societal . . .