Demons who escaped after the battle of Ramayana reappear in 20th century; what will it take to fight them?

The Demons of Jaitraya
Book Excerpt 

The stage was being set very swiftly. It was another matter that the preparations may have taken years, decades or in some cases even ages, all depending on the incubation and cunningness of the beasts and the groundwork and preparedness of the fighters. They had been expecting these female demons for some time now. They could spawn hundreds of their own kind in a matter of minutes and scatter them into space. These offsprings became adults almost immediately and in turn, could produce their own spawns. This way they were used to terrifying the other beings in space. All this had stopped when Maa Durga and then Bhagwan Ram had annihilated them. These were space creatures and brilliantly cunning. When their ilk was being demolished by Bhagwan Ram and his formidable army, they flew high into space much above the Earth’s solar system, changed their forms and hid and became dormant.

They fixed their internal clocks for waking up at different times according to their age and powers. On one hand, Aishani was raring to go with her newly released powers; on the other hand, there was Adheesh with his sober analytic brain, assessing the situation from all angles. And then there was Guruji in deep meditation almost in a trance in front of them. By now Aishani and Adheesh knew that this meeting was about a legion of evil creatures that had come out of their hibernation and were now roaming in space creating chaos and havoc. Both of them had ideas of their own.

Aishani was thinking that if only they had a cloaking device with which they could become invisible and destroy these demons. But sadly the invisible cloak that she had was not very strong, to begin with, and she could not fly with it. It was just something which her father had given her to play around with. Adheesh also knew that even if the cloaking device was strong enough to fool the demons, they would still have to have divine weapons to demolish the demons, all of which seemed impossible as of now. They kept on mulling over these problems and waited for Guruji to give them instructions. Eventually, Guruji opened his eyes and smiled at them. They touched his feet respectfully. Guruji smiled and blessed them.

“It warms my heart to see such a beautiful, warm-hearted couple. Both of you are a balm for my sore eyes and broken heart,” Guruji declared.

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“Broken heart?” Aishani looked at Guruji questioningly. 

“Beta, when you have lived as long as I have and seen such great upheavals and chaos, good and great people killed and dying in front you, your heart is bound to break into irreparable pieces. The heart mends a little when it sees and meets warm and loving people like both of you.” Both of them smiled and waited for Guruji to tell them why he had called them.

“Well children, now the time for actual warfare has come. We are the guardians of the galaxy and even the great universe beyond. Some of the demons have come out of their hibernation but are still in hiding. Initially, they were just a couple of hundreds. In the vast sea of space, they were lost. Now that they have gained consciousness they found that they were too lonely and too far apart. There was almost nobody to fight and kill and torture. So they did what naturally came to them. They started multiplying which was less of multiplication and more like proliferation. So now our space is full of these demons. They will anytime now dive down on the Earth in hordes and cause destruction and mayhem everywhere. It will be akin to the tsunami waves except that these waves will not erupt from the seas but swoop down from space. This will result in the destruction of the Earth itself. It is already quite late.”

Adheesh and Aishani waited patiently. Both of them now knew why they had been summoned here. Guruji had been waiting for their marriage to be consummated. Aishani blushed at the thought. Guruji knew that both of them together now had more power than all the demons put together. Saying this, Guruji took them to another part of the Gurukul. Though both had thought that they knew every part of their college and the forest, this was one place they were not even remotely aware of. When Aishani dared to ask Guruji about this he said, “Yes beta, there are many things and many places in this forest of which both of you are not aware. In fact, this also is like passing your exams. One has to graduate to these things gradually. There are faster ways also, for that you have to have Bhagwat Kripa of which both of you have in plenty,” Guruji said seriously. Aishani and Adheesh looked at each other with a hint of a smile. There was no arrogance or pride in their smiles just a graceful acceptance of the fact.

“These divine weapons are handed over to selected people for one-time use only, after which they automatically return to their original owners, the devtas and the Gods. But since these weapons become friendly in human hands there is always the fear that humans can recall them. Human beings may use the celestial weapons indiscriminately and in their foolishness bring pandemonium and heartbreak to everybody on Earth. Hence, after their one-time use, their memory is obliterated from those human minds. Remember, human beings are not very far removed from rakshasas or demons as far as greed and violence are concerned.”

Guruji continued, “You will be given a team to work with and provide the necessary back up. These are the Divya astras which will help you in destroying these demons in space. I don’t have to tell you much about it. I have called you to discuss the strategy of these attacks and to bless you.” They both touched his feet. Guruji blessed them and then drew them together to discuss their strategy.

“Remember, surprise and total secrecy are of the utmost importance and don’t underestimate your enemy. Can you imagine any human being going into hibernation for centuries and then coming out of this dormancy with all their faculties intact? There is only one factor where human beings score over demons. This X factor is their kindness, mercy, empathy and compassion. These demons will attack your psyche and emotions. I have no doubt that both of you will be successful in demolishing them. But you have to be more careful. The date and time have already been fixed according to the position of the stars. But there is a time when their energy lags a bit. That is the time when we have to hit them. We also have to make sure that there is no hint of any eclipse as that makes them stronger. We also have to ensure that we hit them when we are the strongest. All these calculations have been painstakingly done. We cannot afford to leave anything to chance.”

Both Adheesh and Aishani were listening to Guruji with rapt attention.

“Now we come to your divine weapons,” Guruji smiled.

“You probably know much more about your weapons and how to use them than I.”

“Adheesh, you will be using the Vayu Astra and Aishani, you will be using the Narayan Astra.”

Both Aishani and Adheesh nodded their heads. It had taken them more than a month to master these divine weapons. Apart from knowing the mechanical aspect of the weapons, they also had to attune their minds, body, and emotions to that of the accoutrements of these weapons. If any of these did not perfectly match they knew that the weapon would refuse to function. Adheesh chanted the Vayu mantra while Aishani chanted the Narayan mantra at dawn and at dusk, sitting in front of their respective weapons. In the beginning, nothing happened but after a couple of weeks, they sensed an imperceptible change in the demeanor of the weapons. This was something which only they could make out. Gradually after that, these weapons began responding to them. After four weeks they knew that the weapons were ready to be used.

The Vayu Astra was the weapon of Vayu devta. It had the power of raising anything from a light breeze to the most violent storms and tornadoes in this world and above it too, that is, it could create huge tempests in space and absolutely no one and nothing would be able to counter it. It could rage for hours, days or weeks and suddenly disappear as if nothing had happened.

The other astra was the great Narayan Astra which even the devtas yearned to possess. It was the astra of Bhagwan Vishnu, one part of the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. The Narayan Astra was a destroyer in all its totality. It would latch on to its target, chase it to any lengths and destroy it. There was another option, however. The astra gave its victim the choice to either get destroyed or surrender to it unequivocally. Either way, the enemy was destroyed or had changed by surrendering to it unconditionally.

No human being could ever hope to see these weapons let alone use them. It was their accumulated karmas through the ages that Gods bless and bestow on them the one time use of these weapons. Adheesh and Aishani were the most qualified to use these celestial weapons. One life’s prayers and yogas were not enough for them to be allowed to use them. Through the ages, Aishani and Adheesh had proved themselves, again and again, to be fit to qualify to use these weapons.

They sat with Guruji for some more time discussing and listening to his guidelines. Finally, when he had painstakingly given them each and every instruction, he led them to a part of the forest which they had never seen or even been apprised of.

They had been coming to this part of the forest for almost a month now. It seemed nobody was aware of this kind of forest in the ashram. Even Adheesh and Aishani were not conscious it. They had got to know about it only when Guruji took them there with their divya astras. For them entering this part of the forest was easy enough. One could not see the celestial weapons or touch them till the time one qualified for them. It was a sort of an exercise for them to enter this part of the forest which after a week became second home to them. After leaving the main jungle they would start walking towards its northern side. They were given the Invisible mantra by Guruji so even if there was any negative energy or demon lurking nearby, it would not be able to follow them to their destination. This was a very strong and effective mantra, for example, if they crossed a tree or any other solid object, it would not be obscured by their silhouettes.

They were praying to the deity or the possessor of the particular celestial weapon. Depending on the proficiency of the person praying to it, the weapon’s deity would respond or not. In this part of the world, only Adheesh and Aishani were accomplished and blessed enough to attain this high level of communion with these weapons and their respective deities. Guruji knew that for Aishani and Adheesh to use the weapons successfully, the essence of the deities would have to enter inside them. Only then the weapons would begin to recognise them and respond to them.

In the beginning at Guruji’s behest when they touched these weapons nothing happened. The weapons were just like any piece of antique metal or artifact. There was no question of any response; after all, they were just carved out of iron and wood and a few other metals. But both Aishani and Adheesh knew better. Not to be deterred, both made a clearing for themselves to sit in front of the weapons. Everyday they would sit in front of the weapons with folded hands and meditate.

They waited patiently and continued praying. These were the weapons of Devtas and Gods. They would open up to them only if approved by the Gods and Devtas. 

Gradually, they started noticing an imperceptible luminosity in the weapons which seemed to be increasing. Then they thought they heard a low pitched humming from the weapons. They held their breaths and touched hands. As soon as their hands touched the humming increased so much that it was almost like a loud melody now. The astras had recognised their deities in them and understood that they had personally blessed this couple. They knew now that they would be soon guided by the weapons on how to use them.

Very soon they were allowed to touch the weapons and feel them. They made two platforms, one for each weapon, spread clean, red and yellow cloth over the platforms and lovingly and respectfully placed their weapons over them. It was as if they were becoming one with their weapons who sensed that Adheesh and Aishani had been blessed by their masters—Vayu Dev and Narayan or Bhagwan Vishnu. In a sense, it was the weapons themselves which were teaching both Aishani and Adheesh on how to use them. Not that they actually used them, because they would be using them only once. That would be enough. The weapons were so powerful that they would annihilate all the demons and malignant spirits who had multiplied and were now roaming freely in space. All this was done in total secrecy. The demons were smart and intelligent enough to sniff out any planned warfare and strike against them. And like so many innumerable times they would thwart this plan too if they got only a whiff of it.

[Excerpted from the chapter 'Space']

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