Excerpt: Heat by Poomani

Book Excerpt 

For visaakam, Ayya received a brand-new dhoti and towel from the ginning factory.

Janaki and Chidambaram happily traipsed behind Annan. When she saw a karagam dancer, a woman, swivel her waist sharply, Janaki asked him, ‘Won’t her waist break in two, Chelambaram?’

In another place, a kuravan–kurathi dance accompanied by naiyaandi melam was being performed. Dramas sponsored by a few big bidi companies were performed at the temple junction. They didn’t watch any of the acts to the end. When they were returning home, the programme on the radio was blaring above all the other noise.

Three days later, Janaki insisted stubbornly that she would come to the hill. No matter how much Aththai tried to convince her, she simply would not listen. Aththai relented finally and sent her with Chidambaram. She remembered to give them flipflops to wear for the trip.

Janaki ran eagerly to climb the hill. He . . .