Communal violence in the time of Modi has a distinct shade. Here’s why

Partitions Of The Heart
Unmaking The Idea of India
Book Excerpt 

Hate lynching is growing into a national scourge. More and more people today feel free, emboldened, even encouraged to violently act out their prejudices and hate as they find enabling climate for hate speech and violence fostered and legitimized by our political leadership and a wider majoritarian social climate. Lynching is fast becoming a commonplace occurence in these times of orchestrated hate and rage that we live in in India. The targets of furious and public bloodletting, as we have seen, are most often Muslims, but Dalits are also in danger. From time to time, hate violence also spills over to people of colour, especially African nationals, and ethnic minorities, particularly people from India’s north-east. (Christians, as we have also seen, are subdued not by lynching but by attacking Christian shrines, nuns and priests.)

The seemingly dispersed lynch attacks may be sparked variously by disputes over something as trivial as . . .