How Tamil Nadu changed after 1967

The Dravidian Years
Politics and Welfare in Tamil Nadu
Book Excerpt 

Annadurai passed away in 1969 and M. Karunanidhi became Chief Minister. The Cabinet consisted of ideologues of the erstwhile anti-Hindi, anti-Delhi movements as well as young, educated, and articulate persons keen to show that the government could do as well, if not better, than earlier governments for development. The policies between 1969 and 1976 were a mix of these ideas.

There was strategic use of state patronage, and the use of local party cadres in administration. As a young officer, I witnessed representations from the public spearheaded by local party functionaries. This was a change. Earlier, I used to meet Panchayat Union Chairmen accompanied by their officers on matters pertaining to development. Now, there were district and local party functionaries bringing representations on the availability of irrigation, water, foodgrains, or the functioning of schools. Suddenly, we had to deal with representations from the party, rather than from the hierarchy. Upwardly . . .