India’s position in South Asia

India’s Spatial Imaginations of South Asia
Power, Commerce, and Community
Book Excerpt 

Territoriality is often regarded as a blind spot in social inquiry. However, there is a major body of literature that interrogates the notion from various vantage points, along with a host of related ideas like nationalism, citizenship, and ethnicity. The relationship between territoriality and space too, though exceedingly complex, has attracted a fair degree of attention in recent years. This chapter is organised into two parts. In the first section, we look into various tracts on territoriality. We begin with the concerns of political theory, go through the sociological works by Henri Lefebvre, engage briefly with few interventions by critical geographers, and then culminate by looking closely at certain perspectives of international relations (IR hereafter) scholars. In the second part, our focus shifts to India’s spatial imaginations of South Asia. This part lays out the primary arguments of the text and fixes the conceptual categories that are to be deployed . . .