Blast from the past: An insider’s account of India’s first successful experimental satellite launch

The Leapfroggers
An Insider's Account of ISRO
Book Excerpt 

We were back at SHAR [Satish Dhawan Space Centre] in May 1980, with renewed energy and confidence. The guesthouse and catering facilities had improved significantly, compared to the E-01 campaign. But, unfortunately, SHAR safety and security protocols had become more rigid; they had become more knowledgeable about SLV-3 integration and checkout procedures, particularly our shortcut methods and workaround tactics. Since the enthusiasm of the previous attempt was missing, there were some difficulties is organising late-night and holiday work schedules at short notice. It was natural that local SHAR people could not spend all holidays in office, disregarding their own family needs and compulsions. Some of us considered this a blessing in disguise, since it provided some additional opportunity to workers to relax; stressful and continuous working was not good for safe operations. But some workers from Trivandrum were not happy with this relaxed mode of work; they wanted to complete . . .