Book Excerpt: Stressed About Your Board Exams? Here are Some Pro Tips to Follow

How I Topped The Boards And You Can Too!
Book Excerpt 

The Fun Stuff

So before we get to the boring bits, let’s talk about the fun stuff. Go fail a few classes… All of Class 11, if need be. Alright, don’t fail…but you get the drift, which is basically this—go have some fun. Go do something stupid while you have the time, and get it out of the system. I can’t stress this enough. Your boards are possibly the most important examination of your life. 

That one month, for most of you, will determine your path over the next few years, if nothing more. They’re important.

The sooner you understand that, the better. We can whine and whine about it as much as we like, but the Indian education system is structured in a way that some exams are more important than the others. In fact, if we look at it, most of life is. It sounds great on paper . . .