You can’t change your boss, but you can change yourself: How to prevent workplace burnout

Beat Fatigue To Thrive In An Overworked World
Book Excerpt 

A collaborative 2016 study led by research companies Future Workplace and Kronos Incorporated showed that 40 per cent of office workers in the United States and Canada feel burned out. In other words, four out of ten people are cynical about their work, come to office tired in the morning, and are not fully ‘present’ when you are having important discussions with them. 

Have you noticed that in a meeting? Or are you one of those four people?

As I stare at this statistic, I am reminded of IG, whom I introduced you to earlier. We met again a few months later. He was a different person. Gone was his passion for work, and what was left was complete disinterest. He wasn’t happy with his job and was looking for a way out. Here’s what he shared: 

‘I have lost my motivation. No matter what I do, there are some . . .