Dipa Karmakar: The Small Wonder, An Extract From The Gymnast’s Story

Dipa Karmaka
The Small Wonder
Book Excerpt 

You can either be shaken by such incidents or mentally toughen up. I learnt from every incident and it fuelled my determination not to be cowed down. I do not know if it was rotten luck or just me but I seemed to attract trouble more often than not. My first international medal should have been a cause for much joy, but more than anything else it left a sour taste in the mouth. It started on an unpleasant note in the first place. We were informed about our participation at the Sultana Kamal Central South Asian Championships just three days before the competition and the selection happened on the basis of past performance. I had been in regular practice under Nandi sir and hence did not head to Dhaka undercooked. Surprisingly, sir was chosen to accompany the team for the competition which was held at the Mirpur Indoor Stadium in Dhaka. . . .