When members of the special cell heard the voice of Dawood Ibrahim

No Ball
The Murky World of Match Fixing
Book Excerpt 

As the interceptions began, the officers held their breath: the network was far bigger and more intricately linked than they had imagined. It was turning out to be a full-fledged communications and operations network with bookies saddled in the country’s capital, and connected to their partners in central and southern India while branching out to Nagpur, Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai simultaneously. As they traced the betting hierarchy towards the very top of the pyramid, they found an exclusive group of people with a privileged access card of direct communication with the underworld bigwigs in Pakistan. The Special Cell had suspected that the biggest and most-dreaded name of them all was probably involved as well.

And then came this voice intercept.

The back office was abuzz with whispers: ‘Yeh Bhai kaun hai? Regular nahi hai! Kya karey? (Who’s this guy? He is not a regular! What do we do now?)’ Too many . . .